Maria Meiler

Munich & Berlin, Germany

Maria has first hand experience of consulting firms and their corporate clients: she has been a consultant as well as a line manager in the tech (e.g. Google), venture and startupenvironment. She has founded her own business as a professional Coach & Trainer helping clients with large cultural transformations what is her business nowadays.


Maria builds on a strong experience with Performance Coaching, Agile Working, and Training, and has worked in several Cultural Change setups. In her daily work, she  combines Project Management, Coaching and Training in a holistic approach, offering clients services that inspire, empower and drive results and improvements. She has been running onboarding programs as well as training series since 9+ years as a trainer and coach in addition to her work as a consultant and as well as a line manager. Beyond, she works as a Coach for corporate as well as private clients.


Maria worked as a consultant (till Principal) for more than 6 years at BCG, for Google, for a large Holtzbrinck venture as a CMO (Experteer) and founded her own company in the digital area (Consultport). She has obtained the Co-Active Coach Training from CTI in London. Her academic background: PhD Mathematics of the Technical University of Munich with a minor in organizational psychology from the LMU in Munich (Prof. Lutz von Rosenstiel). Maria coaches in German, English and Spanish.

Worked with

Google, BCG, Experteer(Holtzbrinck), automotive OEMs, international companies in the area of industrial goods, mining, insurance, energy, with large and medium sized pharma players, and political bodies and associations (climate change in transport)

„Thanks to the transformative work of Maria, we can already notice that members’ dedication increases and becomes more reliable. That produces a very positive impact since we are increasing the efficiency of operations and communications. Maria also helps us to improve our day-to-day work creating a working framework with a less non-productive burden and more time and resources for the creative and productive part of the work.“  Eduard Fernández, Executive Director of CITA (world association of certification industry)

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