Justus Böckheler

Landau, Germany

Justus has lead various leadership teams and worked closely with C-Suite management in multinational cooporations for more than 18 years. He has built a deep expertise in consultancy, leadership and implementing real change. “Creating space for development” within business leaders & organizations to stay successful in an increasingly changing world is his passion.


While running the Change Team of BASF, Justus has been supporting Top-Executivesin strategic change initiatives with a strong focus on post-merger-integration, strategy implementation and business excellence programs. As VP for “Development & Change” Justus was responsible for design and deployment of corporate leadership programs, personnel development systems and corporate learning. Leading more than 100 employees with 40 Mio. EUR/p.a. Justus has additionally worked as a consultant, HRBP-Head and Director for Development & Change in the retail sector. Since 2015 he is running his own enterprise focusing on change, leadership & coaching.


Justus is an occupational psychologist holding a Master Degree (University of Nottingham) and a Diploma (Universität Koblenz-Landau). He is a certified Systemic & Organziational Consultant (Hauser Consulting, MCV, Ashridge, u.a. ), personality & business Coach (Dietz, DBVC-approoved), Insights MDI Consultant and facilitator for Self-Managing-Leadership (Oxford Leadership). His has various educations amongst others in strategy & change, large group interventions and conflict resolution. Justus is fluent in German and English.

Worked with

Audi, BASF, Boehringer-Ingelheim,Creos, Lufthansa, HessischerRundfunk, Innogy, MHP-Consulting, Merck, Puma, Roche, Schwarz-Gruppe, SEAT, TSS Daimler, Uni Credit, VCI VerbandChemischerIndustrie, ZF.

„Justus is constantly supporting his clients to co-discover pragmatic but impactful solutions – with depth and ease. He has an unique ability to unfold talent, enable deep dialogue and trigger unconventional thinking to enable new developments. His work with us has been amazing and a break through on a personal and organizational level. Impactful, competent, inspiringund fun to work with!“ Linda von dem Bussche-Hünefeld, Senior Vice President, BASF

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