Franziska Rizzolli von Klocke

Munich, Germany

Franziska lives and loves the model of the working mother, the ‚working mom‘ and knows the challenges career women face with their families. In her 20-year professional career, she has been with Microsoft for 13 years, was employed by Bertelsmann and the BayrischeLandesbankand has set up 2 start-ups in Germany.


As an experienced online specialist, she has gained experience in sales, marketing, strategy, business development and as managing director, founder and investor. Franziska has lived and worked in different countries and cultures and got to know an immense variety of working dynamics. She has set up a European Women’s Network for Microsoft, encouraged diversity and inclusion initiatives, and conducted analysis on womenomicsand bias in artificial intelligence. She lives with her husband and 3 children in Munich and gives other parents training on children’s digital media use.


Franziska is a co-active Leadership Coach, leads seminars and is responsible for Shine for Women’s Deuschlandbusiness: www.shine4women.com

Worked with

Microsoft, Bertelsmann, BayerischeLandesbankand diverse other professional services firms

Project categories: Beraterteam

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