Ansicht eines Icons für digital Leadership für Jan Brecke



A future-oriented corporate identity should include the cultural heritage and success factors of the past, united with a modern, agile organisational form.

Digitisation is much less a technical than a cultural and social phenomenon: it dramatically changes our management and organisational structures.

Even in the digital age, the most pressing topics that require consultation still are change processes such as restructuring, mergers, downsizing, team conflicts and executive development.

Digitisation does not change all parameters, but increases the rate of change exponentially.

A new route for cultural change

Ambidexterity is key in the digital age.

A separation of the traditional management organisation and the areas of innovation builds a contemporary corporate culture, enabling talented workers to be highly motivated and committed.

A cultural change program is needed, with the top management fully involved. Symbolic change steps should be recognisable at an early stage so that employees can adjust to and embrace change as early as possible.

Helping you achieve digital leadership

We will critically assess your organisational structure: Is it agile enough? Where is it too static? Which divisions could serve to test more flexible work structures? What will such a transformative process look like?

Based on this comparison of target and present culture the most important levers for change are defined, which can also be used to anticipate the possible challenges for your workforce in the transformation.

Are you ready to go digital? Let us start that dialogue.

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