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I feel fortunate that I have been able to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos now for some years. Davos during the WEF is very special as you not only run into the most successful and influential people of the world – but astonishingly nearly all of them show humility and kindness, and you feel they are truly committed to create positive impact for a better world. Never in my life have I experienced so many discussions on eye level and true dialogue (let us ignore Trump´s attitude on the last two days – he does not belong there) because participants feel the communication partner is one of a kind. And this again gives more hope for humanity.

Only some personal highlights: despite the fact of meeting so many close friends again, the encounter with Matthieu Ricard, described as the „happiest person in the world“ by popular media, close friend to the Dalai Lama but above all responsible for bringing acceptance of meditation into the Western world was unbelieveable. When I told him he had changed my life with one of his books his smile and warm handshake gave so much energy that it could easily have been an earthquake. Incredible presence!

-A panel on dignity, facilitated by the wonderful Soulaima Gourani consisted of personalities like Ida Auken, Patrick Youssef, Viktor Ochen from the African Youth Initiative Network or H.R.H. The Crown Prince Haakon of Norway who co-founded the initiative on Global Dignity that really helped with a lot of practical advice.
-An all-star line-up of AI specialists at WISeKEY’s Davos Gathering of Minds: Launch of the TransHuman Code Initative, where Sandy Pentland as one of the veterans of AI met younger fellows like Carlos Moreira, David Ferguson or Chris Boos and introduced Rachel, the strongest digital PA.
-Meeting Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia
-Understanding the purpose of Will.i.am who invested not only successfully in startups but also before being a superstar more than 10 million in funds to help his poor neighbourhood in L.A.
-Panel on the future of work with the three CEO´s of EY, SAP and ABB – no, unfortunately no quick wins and solutions ;-(
– A female leaders panel with Bozoma St. John, UBER´s new Chief Brand Officer and who has also the mandate to work on their malevolent corporate culture. And this woman will kick their buts.
Certainly, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain was discussed all over the place and unfortunately D. Trumps visit. My all-time-favorite: when the whole crowd mingles in the Piano-Bar and sings united to the incredible music of Barry Colson.

Looking forward to WEF2019 already!

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